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De-escalate a Family Conflict With This Expert-Approved Advice

I've always felt the weight of my family's dysfunction on my shoulders. From a young age, I was the listener and the mediator, which wasn't necessarily healthy. Whenever a conflict arose, I felt overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. Should I run and hide?

The Key to Healthier Relationships

According to attachment theory, we each develop a style of attachment-the way we relate to others-based on the relationship we had with our primary caregiver. This then becomes the template onto which we project most of our adult relationships.

9 Mental Health Red Flags Women Need To Look Out For

It's tricky to really get in touch with your feelings. Life goes up and down, and these swings can really influence your mood and wellbeing, and if left untreated, they could lead to some serious mental health red flags down the road. Plus, these...

R. Kelly: Was He Really Leading a Cult?

When news first broke regarding R. Kelly's alleged harboring and mistreatment of a group of six young women, much of the coverage centered on one aspect of the story: it sounded like the R&B performer was leading a cult, brainwashing women and holding them against their will.

Ways To Tell If You're Really Happy - The List

It doesn't matter who you are. Happiness is something we're all after. Sometimes it's easy and natural, and other times it's a total struggle. "Happiness is one of those words that we are chasing after and desire, but we're not sure how to truly get it or achieve it," Katie Kozlowski, self love and mindfulness coach, told me.


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